Graduate students



Name Expected Degree Grad field PI Role
Lidia Komondy 2024 Ph.D. Entomology Advisor


Name Finished Degree Grad field PI Role
Erica Moretti 2020 M.S. Entomology Advisor
Ricardo Perez Alvarez 2019 Ph.D. Entomology Committee member
Ashley B. Leach 2019 Ph.D. Entomology Advisor
Nelson Milano 2018 M.S. Entomology Co-Advisor
Erik A. Smith 2015 Ph.D. Entomology Advisor
Dan Olmstead 2015 M.S. Entomology Committee member
Elaine J. Fok 2013 M.S. Entomology Advisor
Saurabh Gautam 2013 M.S. Entomology Committee member
Erik A. Smith 2013 M.S. Entomology Advisor
John Diaz-Montano 2010 Ph.D. Entomology Committee member
Caroline Boutard-Hunt 2008 M.S. Entomology Advisor
Sahithi Sanaka 2008 M.P.S. Plant Protection Committee member
Maria Derval Diaz 2006 M.S. Entomology Committee member
Francisco Badenes-Perez 2005 Ph.D. Entomology Co-advisor
Benjamin Werling 2003 M.S. Entomology Advisor
Sharon McDonald (Virginia Tech) 2001 Ph.D Entomology Co-advisor




Name Year Program Institution


Name Year Program Institution
Isabella Yannuzzi 2019 NYSAES Summer Scholar Cornell University
Lauren Ebels 2018 NYSAES Summer Scholar Calvin College
Deanna Gentner 2017 NYSAES Summer Scholar Cornell University
Erica Moretti 2016 NYSAES Summer Scholar Allegheny College
Rachel Wallace 2016 NYSAES Summer Scholar Cornell University
Sierra Short 2015 NYSAES Summer Scholar Mary Baldwin College (VA)
Emily Justus 2014 NYSAES Summer Scholar Purdue University
Alexandra Gresov 2013 NYSAES Summer Scholar Cornell University
Martin Holdrege 2012 NYSAES Summer Scholar SUNY-ESF
Elizabeth Miller 2012 NYSAES Summer Scholar Saint Vincent College (PA)
Kathryn Cappiello 2011 NYSAES Summer Scholar SUNY Brockport

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