Program extension goal

The goal of my extension program is to provide leadership in vegetable entomology by providing and generating research-based information that leads to significant advancements in vegetable pest management such as better efficiency of management inputs, increased compatibility with natural occurring biological control and improved safety to the user, environment and consumers.

Specific goals of my extension program include the following:

a) Develop linkages with vegetable extension and the vegetable industry
b) Communicate effectively with the vegetable industry
c) Support the vegetable industry in New York
d) Educate youth about entomology and science.

Recent extension presentations

Onion thrips and onion maggot management strategies[PDF] (Feb 2018)

Colorado Potato Beetle Management Strategies for Organically and Conventionally Grown Potato[PDF] (Feb 2018)

Managing Corn Earworm using GMO Varieties, Conventional and OMRI-approved Insecticides in Sweet Corn[PDF] (Jan 2017)

Evaluating insecticides for managing diamondback moth in cabbage[PDF] (Dec 2017)

Colorado potato beetle biology and management [PDF] (Jan 2016)

Cucumber mosaic virus in snap beans: symptoms, vectors and management [PDF] (Jan 2016)

Insect pests and their management in selected processing vegetable crops [PDF] (Jan 2016)

Onion maggot management in fresh-market onion [PDF] (Jan 2016)

Onion thrips biology and management in onion [PDF] (Apr 2016)

IPM for selected vegetable insect pests

Colorado potato beetle in potato

Aphid pest management

Major snap bean pests

Onion maggot in onion

Onion thrips in onion

Allium leafminer in onion

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